A makeup workshop is the perfect way to introduce you to the best makeup techniques used by celebrity makeup artists. In a Debbie Delgado tutorial you will learn everything you need to know about products, brushes, how and why to use them.

Using a model, Debbie will show you step by step how to perfectly perform a makeup technique, and the tricks and tips you need to know to make this process easy to do at home.

Makeup doesn’t need to be complicated. Debbie shows you how make up can be a fun part of your day, with her simple tricks taking the time and stress out of looking your best.

Debbie’s workshops are 2 hours long and a class holds a maximum of 20 students.

Workshop price $115

Contact Debbie to enquire about the workshops she runs.

* To save your seat in the class the full payment is required. Classes can’t be swapped with other classes unless approved by Debbie. Payments are non refundable.