Jo Harding Testimonial

Ive been a client of Debbies for 3+ years and absolutely love what she does with my eyebrows. I wouldnt go anywhere else!

She is incredibly talented, friendly and professional, and doesnt mind when I bring the kids along!

Jo Harding
Satisfied Mom!

Rhianna Annear Testimonial

I've been seeing Debbie since 2002 and have never looked back!! No one has even come close to doing my eyebrows as good as her.

Now that I am no longer living the corporate life and live in rural Waikato, I always make sure I visit Debbie when I go back to Auckland, no matter how short the trip!!

She's the best!!

Rhianna Annear
Wife and Mother Extraordinare

Cautney Testimonial

I fly a lot, and looking good is my first priority. Im in front of hundreds of people everyday, and after having my brows done, it really gives me the confidence in knowing that my brows are perfect. When they are done I always feel like my eyes are highlighted.

Thanks Debbie

Flight Crew

Stacey Penhall Testimonial

Wherever I go people always ask me, 'wow - who does your eyebrows!'. I've even met complete strangers who have stood out across a room & I couldn't help but ask the same question already knowing their response would be the same as mine...

'I've got Debbie Delgado brows!'. She's definitely the best & what's extra nice is that everytime I leave my appointment I feel like showing off my new look either with drinks with the girls or dinner with my guy - if he's lucky! 😉

Stacey Penhall

Mikaela Hall Testimonial

Excellent job!! She really knows what she's doing, i had extremely thin and straight eyebrows after years of plucking and in few visits she transformed them in gorgeous Hollywood eyebrows!

I cant believe that after having terrible eyebrows for years, now i often receive compliments and that is only thanks to Debbie.

You're the best!

Mikaela Hall

Victoria Lahsen Testimonial

I knew Debbie when I visited my sister in Auckland. She did my eyebrows!! They remained beautiful!!

It is rapid, easy and the lasting one. Debbie, you have a very agreeable and good work!!

Congratulations from Santiago - Chile.

Victoria Lahsen

Julia Testimonial

Debbie is just great, she knows exactly what to do according with your face, she gives a very nice and fast service, makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

100% reliable


Anna Campbell Testimonial

Debbie is an artist - I totally recommend her. I've been a client for years now and would not trust anyone else to go near my brows.

On top of being the best eyebrow artist in town, she is gorgeous, lovely and full of beans.

Anna Campbell

Charlotte Moran Testimonial

I have been a client of Debbie's for 8 years + and since have only had my brows threaded!

Debbie give's an amazing shape and takes a lot of pride in her work!

Charlotte Moran

Andrea Testimonial

Debbie truly the best brows in town. I never go to anyone else and now that I am travelling, I wish I had Debbie with me!!!


Camilla Young Testimonial

MG!! I love my brows now! Even my partner noticed and he never notices anything! I cant live without them and especially my new 'bedroom eyes' that I learnt to master in her amazing makeup course.

Trust me - they've been a real winner!

Camilla Young

Mia Reid Testimonial

I never thought I could have my brows looking like this. Debbie is just incredible, Im totally addicted!!

Mia Reid

Monique Richards Testimonial

By far the best eyebrow designer in NZ. Ive been Debbies client for almost 5 years now and my eyebrows are just beautiful!

Monique Richards

Lauren Wilson Testimonial

Debbie is a star, totally recommend her. She's so beautiful and funny as well. The best eyebrows in town, love my brows!

Lauren Wilson

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